My Fun Crafty Corner

Altenew has a new contest this month. It’s all about your crafting area. This is my scrapbook page showing my work area and helpful hints.

In my own little corner in my own little chair I can craft whatever I want to craft!

Below is my whole crafting area. It’s a very busy corner in our living room!

I added a different handles to my cabinet to help me remember what is in each drawer. I have a cheat sheet list hanging next to the cabinet. It contains a list of everything in each drawer. For instance: The drawer with the square gray knob has all of my extra acrylic blocks in it. Mostly I use my stamp positioning tool, but I use my blocks as a pallet when watercoloring. They are always handy.

My full size cutting machine is on the floor next to my chair (you can just see the white handle in the picture above. I use my Mini Blossom 95% of the time. You can see it in the next picture; it is always within reach.

Beside the cabinet are my stamp sets. Many of my sets are stored in Dollar Store pockets and many are in Altenew pockets.

Storage Tip: Each time I buy a stamp set, I snag a picture off of the web sight & print it. Then it is filed in Dollar Store photo albums alphabetically. (see below) I also have a photo album of all my stand-a-lone dies, and 1 for embossing folders.

I have one other special album. I have index cards in them with general headings on them. For instance, one says “Birthday” on it. When I get a set that contains a birthday sentiment in it, I write the name of the set on the index card. I have a card for “Get Well,” sympathy, Friendship, etc. That way I can quickly search for the stamp set name, and then I look in my alphabetical album and choose which set I want to use.

Here’s my swatch book that sits on my shelf above my alcohol markers. I used coin holder pages to create the book. The book shows the family name, what style ink pad I have (cube or oval), the matching alcohol marker in the lower left of the 2″x2″ card and the watercolor brush marker is swatched in the upper right corner of the square. I used a blending brush to swatch the dye ink color (I’m a little behind on updating my pages :-).

This cabinet holds all my ink pads, pens, scissores, Altenew watercolor brush markers, Mini Blossom and assorted tapes and glues, card stock, and more!

Well, that’s about it. It’s small and cozy and everything’s close at hand. I love my little crafty corner! Thanks for visiting.

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