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Dealing with Cancer

When the doctor calls and tells you over the phone that they found a mass in your brain, your heart skips a beat. She said that it might not be cancer. But, then the biopsy is done and your life changes forever. At least, that is what happened to me.

Dr. Kathryn Nevel got me scheduled for a spinal tap immediately following the appointment when she told me what type of cancer it was. I was diagnosed with Diffused Large B-cell Lymphoma. They had to do the spinal tap before she could decide what my treatment would be. If they found cancer cells in my spinal fluid then the treatment might have been different. But, I was lucky; it was only in my brain.

The mass was about the size of a golf ball and was right next to the motor control center for the left side of my body.

So we started chemo a few days later. I had a treatment of 1 chemo (Rituxan) at my docs office, and then the next day I went to the hospital for the 2nd type of chemo (heavy dose methotrexate). I had to be in the hospital for 5-6 days after each chemo treatment. I had treatments every other week.

After the 2nd round of methotrexate, Dr. Nevel said that I needed to make a decision about treatment. Dr.

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