Level 3 Workshop Summary – Hooray!

I can hardly believe that the workshop is done.  It was fun and quite a challenge, too.

To complete the challenge, I needed to create 3 cards, and then teach the workshop participants how to make the cards. I also had to create a workshop survey for the participants to complete after the workshop, so that I can learn and grow.

Below are the sample cards that I created for the workshop. I used the following Altenew products: Bloom and Grow stamp set which was a collaboration set with Hero Arts (in rectrospect I probably should have chosen a different set), the Build-A-Flower: Coneflower, Craft-A-Flower: Buttercup, the Watercolor Stripes Stencil, the Script Words Die set, the Waffled Diamonds embossing folder, and the Wishing You stamp set. I also used Altenew’s Artists’s Watercolor 24 Pan Set, Crisp Dye Inks in Snapdragon, Lagoon, and Coral Berry; all images were stamped with Obsidian Pigment Ink. I also used 4 of the Watercolor Brush Markers: Turquoise, Sunkissed, Mango Smoothie, and Paper Bag.

After deciding on what techniques I wanted to teach, I needed to create samples, create a check list (aka lesson plan), and get them approved by Erum and Virgina.  All of my questions were answered quickly, and they were both a big help in getting the workshop process started.

One of the biggest challenges was finding participants.  I was concerned that I wouldn’t have the number needed.  I had talked to some friends and they agreed to participate, but then one after another fell through the cracks and I was down to Zero!

Virginia suggested that I post a notice in the AECP Facebook group.  Surprise!  I didn’t even know that there was a specific group.  I hadn’t been on Facebook much.

Long story, short, I had 7 participants agree to attend the workshop and then because of family emergencies I ended up with 5 in class.  I was so relieved to see some friendly faces!

In order to have a successful workshop, there were new things to learn and do.  I had never done a video or taught via a Zoom class, so that was a bit scary.  What equipment could I use and how do I use it?

Thankfully, a few weeks prior to the workshop, I met Bridget.  She had recently completed her training and was a great help to me!  Thank you, Bridget! 

After creating the cards and getting approval, I needed to create my checklist of what needs to be done and by what date.

I started by writing on a note pad, all of the things I thought I needed to do before, during, and after the workshop.  Some of the things on my original list inclued:  talking points about each card, technique information, what colors I wanted to use, the order I wanted to create the cards, a handout for the end of class, a survey, what items need to be in the kit I was supplying, and what items the participants needed to supply.

Here’s my list (it is not in any particular order).  I hope this information helps future educators in learning.

The process:

  • decide on technique(s) to be taught
  • create sample cards
  • take pictures of sample cards
  • get approval on techniques and card samples
  • create a lesson plan
  • advertise to gather participants
  • create a detail sheet for Card 1
  • create a detail sheet for Card 2
  • create a detail sheet for Card 3
  • decide on the teaching platfom (I used Zoom because I was somwhat familiar with it.)
  • finalize the class date and time
  • obtain participant’s email and mailing address
  • create the participant kit
  • mail the kit at least 1 week prior to the workshop date
  • practice making cards
  • time how long it takes to create each card
  • decide which card or card part will be made first
  • create  a list of “talking points” for each card
  • put the kits together
  • practice using my video equipment
  • set up a practice Zoom meeting
  • create a handout for each card with instructions, a supply list, and additional card ideas
  • create a list of follow-up questions
  • prepare and package card pieces into the kits (I heat embossed multiple images of each flower so they would be ready to use)
  • label kit pieces (I separated the card pieces by putting them into 1 bag per card)
  • I also included white card bases
  • charge all equipment the day before the class (and the morning of the class)
  • create a follow-up questionnaire (I used Survey Monkey.)
  • decide upon additional items that I wanted to share with the participants:  Rule of Thirds acetate sheet, splatter sheet with marker, pipette, package of assorted sequins, misting bottle, blending brush, liquid glue bottle, and miscellaneous card pieces
  • send an email letting the participants know what will be provided in the kit and what they will need to have on hand the day of the workshop
  • Three to 4 days prior to the workshop, send a reminder email along with the link for the workshop (also remind them what they will need to have on hand the day of the workshop)
  • prior to class, send the list of questions on the questionnaire so that the participants will easily be prepared to complete the questionnaire after the workshop
  • send the questionnaire link to the participants
  • send the handout to the participants
  • send a questionnaire reminder and let them know when the surevey will be closed (so that you can write your blog post)
  • ask the participants to send you pictures of their completed cards
  • clean up my work area and prepare it for the workshop

List of items that the participants needed to supply:

  • 2 containers of water (1 clean and 1 for rinsing your brush)
  • scissors for fussy cutting some items
  • adhesive
  • watercolor pan set (12, 24, or 36)
  • 3 or more coordinating Crisp Dye inks for the ink smooshing technique
  • paper towels or cloth
  • stencil

What did I enjoy most about the workshop? 

  • I love meeting and getting to know new people.
  • I love teaching and seeing participants results; they’re amazing!
  • I enjoy the planning and organization portions.
  • It was great working with Erum and Virginia one on one!
  • I enjoyed creating the handout.
  • It was fun having “knock knock” jokes during the workshop.
  • It was fun creating additional cards and pushing myself to create new layouts with the same stamp.
  • It was comforting to have a few people I had met through other classes participate in my workshop.
  • I enjoyed the learning experience!

What were some of the workshop challenges that I faced?

  • video equipment not working as expected
  • realizing too late that I had created 2 different ZOOM links (I sent one to Erum and Virginia, and a separate link to the participants.)  Lesson well learned (Sorry for the confusion Erum and Virginia)!
  • My link error caused the class to start a little late, so I felt rushed during the workshop.  I hope I didn’t rush the participants too much.
  • I was nervous because Erum and Virginia were participating and “grading” me.  I wanted to do the best that I could.  I love Altenew products!
  • I missed doing introductions of the participants.
  • I had other sample cards prepared to demonstrate ways to take a card to the next level, but we ran out of time.
  • I’m still learning the best way to organize my area so that all items are close at hand.

Things that I learned from presenting the workshop:

  • It would have been a good idea to plan different techniques instead of 3 different variations of the same technique.
  • I want to do another live workshop!
  • Having the “knock knock” jokes helped keep everyone focused and filled in empty moments.  It was also fun.
  • Before the next workshop I need to get more comfortable with my video equipment.  I purchased some new equipment to help with the video quality, and I will be able to zoom in and out on my desktop.

I received 4 completed surveys, and below are the survey questions and responses:

1) How was the tempo of the class? Survey response was “75% just right” and “25% other thought the fussy cutting slowed down the class.”

2) How was the instructor’s diction? Survey response was “100% spoke clearly.”

3) How was the length of the class? Survey response was “100% about the right length.”

4) How do you feel about the amount of information presented? Survey response was “50% too little information, and 50% about the right amount of information.”

5) What was your satisfaction with the kit provided? Survey response was “100% highly satisfied.”

6) Were instructions for each card given clearly? Survey response was “100% all instructions were clear.”

7) On which card were more instructions needed? Survey response was “75% none of the above,” and “25% on the Bloom and Grow stamp set.”

8) Did all of your questions during class get answered? Survey response was “100% yes.”

9) What part of the class needs improvement? Survey response was “25% material was too simple,” “25% material was too advanced for beginners,” and “50% other with these notes: “Since this was an Altenew class I would suggest using Altenew products whenever possible.” AND, “Everything was great. The only thing I can think of was having us introduce one another and possibly a bit more conversation throughout the class.”

10) What did the instructor do well? Survey response was “50% well prepared,” and “50% other with these notes: “the class was well prepared, fun and clearly presented. However, if this had been a group of beginners, or you weren’t aware of people’s skill level, it might have been difficult to follow. Love the survey – for Virginia & Erum, be sure to add a ‘further comments’ box so we can add additional thoughts in the future!” AND “Everything was done well. I especially like the knock knock jokes…when there was a lull, that brought us back together!”

I appreciate all of the great feedback! Thank you!!!

My husband, Todd, took this picture of me while I was teaching.  Such concentration!

Below are the beautiful cards that the participants made during class.

This is the handout that was emailed to all participants after the workshop was complete. I hope this helps them to remember the fun we had during the workshop, and the techniques we practiced. I was SO impressed by everyone’s creativity!

Lastly, these are additional sample cards, and the cards that I made during the workshop.

Thank you Erum and Virginia for having so much patience with me while this old dog learned new tricks!

One thought on “Level 3 Workshop Summary – Hooray!

  1. Oh, Ann! What a wonderful and triumphant post about your final workshop for AECP! You have covered so much and being very transparent about the survey. I applaud you for going that extra mile on getting the feedback from your lovely participants. Your hard work and planning truly paid off. This class was enjoyed by all and very well- received. I wish you spent more time to look through your extra gorgeous samples at the end of the workshop. They were WOW! I am so proud of your growth and learning in in this process. Your attitude and persistence are inspiration to all, especially recovering from a serious head surgery!! Congratulations on a job well done!


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